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Freeze Dried Nerds Gummy Clusters - Rainbow 🌈

Freeze Dried Nerds Gummy Clusters - Rainbow 🌈

SKU: 364215376135199

Freeze Dried Nerds Clusters - Rainbow Flavored 


"I'm delicate, light, crispy, and airy - not like my gummy self - I am transformed"

                              freeze dried nerds-


These freeze dried "KaBoom'd" Nerds Clusters are so delicious - they're not at all like the gummy clusters you're used to...... they're so good even the biggest skeptic of gummy items will like this one!


Transformed grom the chewy little 'fruit snack' covered in Nerds......... to the most delicate, most wispy piece of concocted sugar you've had the pleasure of shattering with your mouth! 


After eating these treats freeze-dried you won't want to eat them the traditional way anymore. These Rainbow Nerds Clusters can't be beat! 


Try these unforgettable treats and compare them to their Very Berry version. Which will be your favorite? Our staff love them both. Very Berry is quite good, the underdog comes up! 


    5 oz


    Shipping is available, but is not included in listed product cost. 

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