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Kaboom Variety Sampler ☮️💜🍬

Kaboom Variety Sampler ☮️💜🍬

Available by popular demand!


Here is Kaboom Candy Co.'s Sampler Cup - each one sells for $10/ea 


We welcome you to try many of our delicious options........ all in one sampler!


Taste a little of this, taste a little of that......  then you can decide which is your favorite!


If you really like a certain type of candy a lot! We sell your FAVORITE in a bag all by its self - each bag at $10/ea


Is your favorite the Kaboom Balls? Is it the Skittles? or perhaps the Nerds Clusters?


Our personal favorite over here at Kaboom are the peach rings.....


just the one in this sampler won't do! We guarantee you'll be hooked! 


Place your order today! 


Don't be shy.......!! 

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